Fast and Automatic Code Deployment

Auto Deployer a is code deployment platform focused on fast fully customisable deployment

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Built for Git

We are built round Git. Trigger a deployment on every push.

Built For Speed

We are built for speed. Using multiple processes and advanced scheduling we can reduce multi server deployment time.

Built for Linux

We are built for Linux. Schedule custom commands to execute over SSH. Limit access teams need to servers.

Built for Teams

We are built for teams. Everyone in your team can be kept in the loop about development cycles.

We make it easy for everyone to know the deployment cycle.


Fully customisable deployment command executing. Enabling you to control every aspect of deployment

Cloud Based

Always running and listening to your code, no need to build a custom system which requires maintenance

Simple DevOps

Enable members of the team who do not know about servers, deploy updates.

Slack Notifications

Inform the team of successful and failed deployments









Simple Pricing

Try 7 days for free

Individual Plan
£10 per month
Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Projects
2 Deployment Processes
20 Daily Deployments
Organisation Plan
£10 per user/month
Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Projects
20 Deployment Processes
Unlimited Daily Deployments
Starting at £25 / month for your first 5 users.

Frequently Asked Question.

Q Do I need a card to signup?

No you don't, but if you want your service to continue you will need to provide a payment method. If you add a card before your trial expires you will not be charged until the trail ends.

Q Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. After you cancel your account you won't be charged again. Your account will keep working till your next payment was due.

Q How long are trials?

All trials are 7-days from the time you start your signup and only apply to the Individual Plan.

Q Do you offer student discount?

Yes. Please send us proof to and we will go from there

Q Do you offer free accounts to open source projects?

Yes we are very happy to, in return for a bit of marketing and adding you to a our list of open source projects. Send us a email and we will go from there

Q What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.